Saturday, May 4, 2013

100% working redtube premium accounts generator

Hi, thanks for this generator, you don't have to pay for premium accounts. Get free acces to:

- Over 8000 best HD videos
- Unlimited downloads
- High speed downloads
- 100% secure and confidential
- New content daily (5-15 full HD movies )

1. Download RedTube Premium Account Generetor( clik button Download).
2. Next you must extract the archive
3. In archive you find 5 files, hack for redtube nad 4 other library files
4. In the next step, run premium redtube account generator us Administrator( only if you use Win 7 or Win 8)
5. Type username and password  wich you want to use.
6. Select redtube premium plan( 12, 3, 1 month or 2 day)
6. Click button create account and wait 20 to 60 secend, during this time program connect to redtube and create premium account.
7. Go to redtube, and login with yuor username and passord, that's all.

In this video you can see how it works with proof: